September 2016 Community Report

Chief's Blog

I am happy to report that Midland Police Staff are operating effectively and efficiently. From the front-office staff that continue to conduct criminal record checks and assist the public in record time, our court services unit that has been hailed by Crown Attorneys, citizens, accused persons and Judges as an amazing team, and our front line police officers that continue to receive accolades for their professional and compassionate approach.

Our Staff are working at a high level. Despite experiencing the most change we have seen in the 25 years I have been here, and the increased workload from reduced staffing, our Members continue to perform admirably.

Over the last few years we have outsourced dispatch services, reduced office staff, and reduced our number of officers from 27 to 24. This makes us one of the lowest staffed municipal services in the Province. At the same time our calls for service have risen above the recent past, but not above historical figures (see attached chart). Despite the increased calls for assistance, the actual number of criminal incidents continues to decline.

Note: The year 2000 added to demonstrate the total changes, 2001 to 2005 excluded due to spacing.

As a small, hub-community Midland has a higher crime rate than the province as a whole. However, since 2009 we have been outpacing the Province in the rate that crime has been reduced (Figure 1) while increasing traffic enforcement (Figure 2), maintaining excellent response times (3.5 minutes to emergency calls) and conducting professional investigations. It has been a pleasure to be part of these positive changes.

Figure 1: CRIME SEVERITY 2009-2015

Overall Crime Severity Violent Crime Non-violent Crime
Province -26.9% -27.7% -26.5%
Midland -46.2% -30.2% -50.8%

Figure 2:

The Midland Police Service has been putting Community First since the late 1800’s.

Chief Mike Osborne

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