Propane Tank Warning


Public Safety Warning

Be on the look-out for propane gas cylinders that have a blue or greenish residue or corrosion appearance on and around the neck of the valve assembly. This discoloration could be a sign that the cylinder once contained a corrosive gas called Anhydrous Ammonia (used in the illegal and dangerous production of methamphetamine).

Methamphetamine producers are known to purchase propane cylinders from outlets that provide a cylinder exchange service (local gas stations, Canadian Tire, WalMart etc). They empty the propane from the cylinder and fill the cylinder with the Anhydrous Ammonia, which they use in the production of the drug.

Anhydrous ammonia is very corrosive and weakens the structure of the tank. The blue or green residue and corrosion becomes evident around the neck and valve as does the un-mistakable pungent odour of ammonia.

The drug producers return the weakened cylinder to the exchange and purchase a new cylinder. This deterioration will lead to cracking of the valve body or its components and can ultimately result in a violent, unexpected expulsion of the valve from the cylinder, causing personal injury or death.

Vendors: Do not take back any cylinders that show these signs. Report this to us immediately.

Consumers: Do not buy or use any cylinders that show these signs. Report your suspicion to the vendor immediately, who should immediately call police and fire services.

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