Press Release Portal Information

All formal public communiques will be posted here. Press releases expire 30 days after they are published, striking a balance between the protection of privacy and the freedom of information. Names of adults who are formally charged with an offence (by way of an 'information' sworn before a Justice) are a matter of public record and will appear on public court records and dockets throughout their court proceedings. Names are not published here where the accused's identity may lead to the disclosure of the victim's identity. Additionally, young persons within the meaning of the Youth Criminal Justice Act are not named.

If you would like to follow-up on a particular matter to learn more about the case, results of court appearances and the ultimate disposition of these matters, you are free to attend the Midland Provincial Court house at 605 Yonge street or Barrie Provincial Court (some of our matters traverse to those courts) and sit in the body of the court.

While the police will only lay charges where the investigator believes, beyond reasonable doubt, that the person has committed the offence and that there is a reasonable prospect of conviction, it is important to remember that, in the eyes of the Justice system, persons formally accused of an offence are presumed not guilty of the allegation(s) until the conclusion of the Judicial Proceeding at which time the Presiding Justice will make a determination of guilt based on the evidence that was presented during the Proceeding. In policing, it is not so much about what we 'believe' happened, but what we can 'prove' happened.