Personal Mobility Scooters - Safety On The Roads


The Midland Police Service would like to remind the public that during inclement weather, citizens of Midland who utilize personal mobility devices may be using the roadway.

These scooters are to utilize the sidewalks where possible, but when citizens are not able to use the sidewalk, the law permits them to ride on the left side of the roadway facing traffic.

The service has received several complaints from citizens reporting they are encountering people operating personal mobility scooters on the roadway; visibility is reported as being the main issue.

In some instances motorists are not seeing the scooters because of lack of illumination on the scooter or the occupant. It would be prudent to activate any illumination on the scooter if it is equipped. If it is not equipped with lights, citizens should consider as much illumination as possible such as reflective tape across the front and back of the unit, a reflective vest or coat to remain visible to vehicular traffic or battery operated illlumination at the front and back.

Inspector Wheeldon -
“From a safety standpoint we would encourage any citizen who uses a personal mobility scooter to remain home after dark during inclement weather. If a citizen finds themselves in a position, out of necessity that they have to go out during these times, utilize the services of a neighbor, a friend or a taxi service. Some citizens are reporting that they are encountering these scooters on the roadway during heavy snowfall and after dark. In one case a citizen reported a near miss during a snow storm because of lack of illumination. We simply want our citizens to be safe. I would ask the public to be vigilant when driving and keep a close watch ahead for persons using these devices. ”

You may access the Ministry of Transportation website regarding Personal Mobility Devices at: