Lottery Fraud Scam

Phone and mail scams typically target senior citizens

Midland residents beware of persons calling stating that they have won a lottery. The callers target vulnerable victims, telling them they have won a large sum of money. The caller will tell the victim that they need to wire money to them in order to claim the prize. The location of the wires can be out of country or in country.

In a recent local incident, a victim was prepared to turn over thousands of dollars. The victim was told a courier would attend to retrieve the money. Police were aware of this and were able to intercept the courier.

Investigation revealed that the courier was being promised money to drive around the province and retrieve money orders from the victims; the courier had no information of the lottery scam.

The suspect(s) in this case had accents from several different countries. These people are insistent and persistent in how they engage their vulnerable targets.

Inspector Wheeldon-
"If the call seems too good to be true, it is! Notify the Midland Police Service immediately about any calls that request money be sent. It is our job to protect members of our community, so please call us and report these incidents."

You can contact Midland Police Service at 705 526-2201 24 hours a day.