Fireworks - What You Need To know


We are reminding you that the use of fireworks is prohibited anywhere in the Town of Midland (except your own property or private property where you have consent of the owner) without a licence and associated regulatory insurance / expertise. Bylaw 2007-8 came into effect May14th 2007.

If you feel that you absolutely must set off you own fireworks, and feel that you are complying with the bylaw, consider the following:

1. We live in a waterfront community where both recreational and commercial boating occurs. Accordingly, setting off marine flares as fireworks is a very bad idea as it could result in the abuse of rescue personnel and a waste of resources determining if the flare is a legitimate call for help.

2. Firecrackers / Fireworks are easily confused with the sound of gunfire and police routinely answer and investigate these calls when consumer fireworks are set off.

3. Ignorance of the law is no defence in court. If you want to set off fireworks, the onus is on you to ensure you are complying with any and all laws, taking appropriate safety precautions and realizing that you are accepting liability for any injury / damage or other complaints resulting from your use of the regulated activity.

If this sounds like more risk than reward, you are right.