Extended Absence Emergency Contacts


When you leave your residence un-attended for an extended period of time, for a week or more, you should take steps to ensure that someone has emergency access to your property in the event of an emergency on your property or inside of your residence. We have a downloadable and fillable form included here (Extended Absence Emergency Contacts) that you can complete and file with us in person. This form provides information about key holders, your dates of absence and who is authorized to be on your property and found inside your residence should we have an incident arise in your absence.

While we cannot "patrol" your home and proactively check on it while you are away (a job best suited to your keyholders), we will be made aware of the status of your home and who to contact in case of an emergency.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible and bring it into our office so that we can add this vital contact information to our system.

Before leaving your home un-attended for any extended period of time, be sure that you have arranged to have your mail and newspapers collected so that they don't accumulate. Snow removal and lawn care are also considerations so that you don't advertise the fact that your are not home to passers-by.

In addition, you can install lamp timers to keep random lights on in your house or have a radio playing to help with the illusion that you are at home. Turn your phone ringer down low so people won't hear unanswered phones ringing. Don't advertise your absence on your social media.

Alert your trusted neighbours to the fact that you will be gone and ensure you have arranged for key holder and access in the case of emergencies.

A few simple precautions can keep your home safe and sound while away. Alerting police to your absence and who to reach in the event of an emergency is just part of that pre-planning.

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