Child Abuse Facts

Child abuse has become recognized as a major problem in Canada in recent years. Still, many incidents go unreported with the victim continuing to suffer in silence. You can help a child who may be a victim of child abuse by simply being observant. The following are some warning signs that might indicate a present or potential abuse situation:

Warning Signs in Children

  • Repeated bruises, burns or other injuries
  • Overly passive, aggressive or destructive behaviour
  • Dirty and torn clothing or improper dress for the weather
  • Frequently hungry, emaciated-looking or constantly tired
  • Lack of supervision and high rate of school absenteeism

Warning Signs in Parents

  • Uncontrollable temper
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Little love or attention demonstrated for child
  • Grandiose expectations of the child
  • Little or no display of satisfaction or affection
  • Failure to provide the child with basic neccessities such as food, shelter, clothing and appropriate supervision