Bear Sightings


The Ministry of Natural Resources emphasizes that since we live in bear country we can expect to see bears. They point out that in most circumstances no action is required and they provide a couple of sources for information on how we can best prevent or deal with a bear encounter.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has a Bear Reporting Line (1-866-514-2327). The line is monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week by trained MNRF staff from April to November. The Ministry of Natural Resources determines the appropriate response based on the circumstances. The MNR line also provides prompts to information on living with bears and precautions that can be taken to avoid contact. The line also refers Ontarians to the bear wise page at that provides additonal information.

The Midland Police Service (705 526-2201) or 911 should be called if the bear poses an immediate threat to personal safety. Such instances include;

  • a bear entering or trying to enter a residence,
  • a bear entering a school yard when school is in session,
  • a bear wandering into a public gathering,
  • a bear killing a pet and lingering at the site, or
  • a bear behaving in an aggressive manner and / or stalking a person and lingering at the site.

The Midland Police Service does not send out public notices each and every time a bear is spotted, but would alert the public if the bear was posing a threat as indicated above. Please take a moment and review the bear wise page with your family as it provides an extensive list of precautions you can take to avoid an encounter.


Chief Mike Osborne