Attention Boaters! Where To Bring Your Expired Flares - Not To Police/Fire

Marine Flares

With boaters starting to prepare their boats for the upcoming season, we are reminding those with old or expired flares, that they cannot be turned into Midland Police or Midland Fire for disposal. It is also important to note that they should not be discarded in your household or commercial garbage!

Also they are not "fireworks" and cannot be set off for fun or amusement, especially in a boating community. Flares spotted in the sky will trigger a full emergency response.

Local residents can research online where to dispose of those old flares, but after calling around, we've found that BayPort Marina, 156 Marina Park Avenue, Midland, will accept them daily during business hours 8am-5pm. The link below will give you access to resources by the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron.

Please share this with anyone you think could benefit.

Another resource: Canadian Power and Sail Squadron