Welcome to my blog. This forum is where I will share some of our history and endeavour to answer the most common questions that I am asked about policing the Midland community. I will be picking from questions asked of me using this online form and speaking to issues that I see as important topics based on their presence in local media and their emergence in public discussion.

I look forward to sharing my perspectives along with operational truths in the spirit of community policing, transparency (where not prohibited by law) and objectivity.


Michael Osborne, Chief of Police

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Yesterday's Remembrance Day ceremony saw an overwhelming turnout from citizens, students, Cadets, members of our Armed Forces, Police, Fire, National Parks, Political leaders, Legion Members, and of course our veterans. This was a beautiful tribute to those individuals and families that have sacrificed so much for the freedom of all Canadians.

Carding or Street Checks


There has been a great deal of public discussion regarding the issue of “carding” or “street checks” as some call it. The Province has announced that it will standardize procedures regarding this issue and I welcome their direction.

Body Worn Cameras


I was asked if Midland officers wear "body worn cameras" so I thought I would send something out to everyone in case others have the same question.

A few services have moved forward on body worn cameras. We have not moved forward because we have not yet obtained sufficient information to ensure we address privacy concerns and the necessary training for officers.

Conducted Energy Weapons (Taser) - Expanded Deployment


During the public portion of the June, Midland Police Services Board meeting there was a discussion regarding the expanded deployment of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW’s). Subsequent to that meeting an article appeared in the Midland Mirror.

Seeking Assistance From Another Police Agency

Pass The Baton

There has been much public criticism of late towards the Toronto Police Chief's decision to delay passing on an investigation linked with Toronto's mayor to the OPP.

Why don't we catch more of the people that steal from cars?

Thefts From Cars

Theft from a vehicle is like many other property crimes, it is opportunistic and happens very quickly, it often occurs at night when there are no witnesses, and there is rarely any evidence left behind.

A thief can open an unlocked door or smash a window, grab an item from inside, and be gone in mere seconds.

Is Midland Crime Going UP or DOWN?

Chief's Blog

In January of 2014 our Police Services Board engaged Oracle Poll Research Ltd. to conduct a survey of 400 Midland residents (Click to See The Results).

Do YOU think a 5.6% budget increase last year and a 3.7% increase this year is reasonable?

Chief's Blog

First of all, I believe that we are an efficient agency that continues to search for long-term cost savings. I also appreciate that everything is more expensive than it used to be and policing is certainly no exception.