Welcome to my blog. This forum is where I will share some of our history and endeavour to answer the most common questions that I am asked about policing the Midland community. I will be picking from questions asked of me using this online form and speaking to issues that I see as important topics based on their presence in local media and their emergence in public discussion.

I look forward to sharing my perspectives along with operational truths in the spirit of community policing, transparency (where not prohibited by law) and objectivity.


Michael Osborne, Chief of Police

Cancellation of Proposed Midland Ribfest

I have read with disappointment, a press release prepared by Glen Moffatt of Slam Promotions in which he says there were “a lot of obstacles to overcome” and then specifically mentions the Midland Police stating we were asking way too much for a first year event. It is unfortunate that Mr.

History Series: Midland Police Service - Part 1

As the Chief of Police I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Midland Police Service that have been an integral part of community safety since the late 1800’s. However, very little of the Police Service's history has been preserved and we know little about our early days.

History Series: Midland Police Service - Part 2

The third picture in my trip down memory lane comes from the December 7, 1955 edition of the Midland Free Press Herald. The four officers are in the process of planning the second annual Simcoe County Police Association dance to be held at the Parkside Inn on Yonge Street.

Comparing Policing Costs Between Midland & Penetanguishene


Jennifer asks, "Can you compare the cost of Policing in Penetanguishene with the cost of policing in Midland?"

Midland Police Shoulder Flash History

Crown's Permission To Use Our Badge

Like most police services there have been many changes to our police crest or "shoulder flash" as some refer to it. The first crests were simple and only provided the name of the police department.

Midland Police Service Original Crest / Shoulder Flash

Happy 90th Birthday To Retired S/Sgt Donald Johnston

FBI Letter To Donald Johnston

Today one of our retired Members is celebrating his 90th birthday.

Staff Sergeant Donald Johnston came to the Midland Police Service from the OPP in March of 1965 and retired in March of 1986.

Retired Chief Larry Hembruff's Influence Continues

Retired Chief Larry Hembruff

I had the honour of working with Chief Larry Hembruff starting in 1988 when he hired me as a police Constable in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. A few years later Chief Hembruff accepted a position with the Midland Police Service and asked me to apply.

Efficiencies, Budgeting & The Future Of Midland Police



As a Police Service, our Members are doing everything they can do to offer the highest level of service at a reasonable cost. By high level of service, I mean:

  1. response times in the 3 1/2 minute range to priority calls
  2. community service and education in our schools
  3. daily foot patrol and traffic enforcement including RIDE

Why Police Response Time Will Be Unchanged By Outsourcing

Police Car

Outsourcing dispatch will mean a reduction in customer service and was implemented to save money. However, response to 911 calls will be the same as before.

Outsourcing Police Dispatch


On November 17th police dispatch duties will be moved to our Policing partners in Owen Sound. Although the public will see little change when they call, there will be growing pains within, and we will miss our Communicators and friends that have served our citizens well since our Service began.