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LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting Is Operational

LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting Services

Beginning this fall, RCMP will no longer be accepting paper-based fingerprints for crime scene comparisons and criminal records updates. This means that Police Services across the country must migrate off the old process of inking and rolling fingers and palms onto paper for submission to the RCMP.

Beware Of 'Assassin' E-Mail Scam


Police are warning people not to be tricked into handing over cash to fraudsters following the circulation of a scam email.

The email circulating online claims to be from a sympathetic assassin who thinks that the recipient of the email has wrongly had a contract taken out against them.

Crime Scene Evidence Collection? Yep, there's an APP for that!

Midland Police Service is piloting SceneDoc

Midland Police Service is currently piloting a new way to collect evidence from scenes of crimes in Midland.

Midland Police Facebook Page Hits '500 Likes' Milestone

Midland Police Service reaches the 500 facebook likes milestone

Well Midland... we are flattered. Thank you very much. We are glad that you find value in our dedication to social media as a communications tool to reach out to the community and engage with you online.

Bicycle Safety - What You Need To Know

Bicycle Safety - Share The Road

Cycling is a fun, healthy and inexpensive way to get around, whether you cycle to and from work or school, or recreationally on the weekends. You'll enjoy it most when your bicycle handling and traffic skills are in good shape. Cyclists, like any other vehicle driver, have the same rights and duties as motorists. To increase the safety of cyclists, we educate drivers to Share the Road!

BlackShades Computer Trojan (RAT-Remote Access Tool)

BlackShades Remote Access Tool - Trojan

This morning's technology headlines are filled with news about a major international cyber-bust around the circulation and use of the Remote Access Tool (RAT) commonly known as BlackShades.

Can You Help ID These Two Suspects?

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Can you help ID these two suspects (caught on surveillance video) in an overnight break, enter and theft from a local restaurant? They made off with a cash drawer (from the cash register) that they knew was empty, along with a large quantity of ribs and wings from the freezer.

Expanded Deployment of Conducted Energy Weapons (TASERS)


The Midland Police Services Board is requesting the community's input into the potential expansion of conducted energy weapons in the Midland Police Service.

Please take the time to read the following report and recommendation prepared by Chief Mike Osborne and complete the short survey that is linked at the bottom of this report.

Why don't we catch more of the people that steal from cars?

Thefts From Cars

Theft from a vehicle is like many other property crimes, it is opportunistic and happens very quickly, it often occurs at night when there are no witnesses, and there is rarely any evidence left behind.

A thief can open an unlocked door or smash a window, grab an item from inside, and be gone in mere seconds.

Do YOU think a 5.6% budget increase last year and a 3.7% increase this year is reasonable?

Chief's Blog

First of all, I believe that we are an efficient agency that continues to search for long-term cost savings. I also appreciate that everything is more expensive than it used to be and policing is certainly no exception.