Press Release - General

OCPC Section 40 Hearing - Outsourcing Dispatch - Tonight 7PM

Public Meeting

The OCPC (Ontario Civilian Policing Commission) Section 40 Hearing is tonight at 7:00PM in Council Chambers.

The hearing is to consider the downsizing request which would see police dispatch outsourced to Owen Sound. The public has the right to speak at this hearing. All are welcome to attend.

Upgraded Digital Fingerprint System Installed

Crossmatch 1000 Fingerprint Scanner

Midland Police has been using the 3M/Cogent digital "LiveScan" fingerprint system for over a year now for both civilian criminal records checks as well as criminal charge fingerprints. The scanner that we have been using for criminal fingerprints has been upgraded by the vendor to a newer and faster unit that scans in half the time!

Can You Help Identify This Shoplifting Ring?

Shoplifting Ring

Please review the collage of photos that show several suspects in what we are alleging is an organized theft ring. The group attends electronics stores and removes high value electronics, concealing them in their "shoplifting vests".

Update: Police have located missing 14yr - Alexis Shirk

UPDATE: Alexis has been located. Thanks for your input and assistance in forwarding this press release.

The Midland Police Service are looking for the public's assistance in locating a missing 14yr old youth from Midland, Ontario. The youth was reported missing by her family on July 20th 2015 but has now been located.

Distracted Driving - 24/7 Enforcement

Distracted Driving

We are enforcing these laws against distractions 24/7. Would you drive around staring at your floor mats? Then why would you take your eyes of the road ahead to read or reply to that text notification? Turn off your ringer and alerts. Put the phone away or use your bluetooth connection to use it hands-free.

Safe Exchange Program Adopted By Midland Police

Safe Exchange Program At Midland Police Service

Following a suggestion made to Councillor Cody Oschefski from a resident, Kelly Maurice the Midland Police Service in now encouraging citizens to utilize our parking lot as a potential safe exchange location for online purchases.

Outsourcing Of Police Dispatch


The Midland Police Services Board, in consultation with Midland Town Council, has decided to pursue the outsourcing of dispatch services for financial reasons. Meetings have already taken place with the Midland Police Association and the Members that are impacted by this decision.

Social Media Travel Updates Can Get You Burglarized

Please Rob Me - Vacation Status Updates Can Cost You

With travel season well underway and the peak season about to begin, it is important to remember that you don't have any control over who shares your status updates. We strongly encourage you not to post anything about your travel plans (dates, locations etc) until you come back from vacation.

Midland Police Service Implements new LEARN Guidelines For Police Records Checks

Criminal Record Check

Effective immediately, the Midland Police Service are implementing the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) LEARN (Law Enforcement and Record Managers Network), guidelines for Police Record Checks. The LEARN guidelines will ensure an equal level of service under the provinces released legislation, policies, procedures and directives.

The guidelines adopted will:

TracePen Property Identification Device


A new crime prevention product on the market has been officially endorsed by the OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) as a valuable crime-fighting tool that can take the place of engraving identifying information on household and commercial property.