Press Release - General

Midland Police Shoulder Flash History

Crown's Permission To Use Our Badge

Like most police services there have been many changes to our police crest or "shoulder flash" as some refer to it. The first crests were simple and only provided the name of the police department.

Midland Police Service Original Crest / Shoulder Flash

Midland Police Services Board Announces Collective Bargaining Settlements

Handshake - Deal

The Midland Police Services Board is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of contract talks with the Midland Police Association. After negotiations extending over several months, the two sides recently reached settlements covering Uniform personnel and Civilian employees of the Midland Police Service.

Fraud Prevention Month

March Is Fraud Prevention Month

With the sheer number of telephone, internet, email and mail scams and frauds on the go at any moment, it is important to remind everyone that best defence against falling victim, or having those you care about falling victim is foreknowledge. Don't just "assume" that "oh, everybody knows that's a scam".

Neighbourhood Watch Alert! Common Break & Enter Tactics

Breaking Into Home

Police encourage all local residents to be extra vigilant about strangers in their neighbourhood and at their doors. Most residential break, enter and thefts occur during daylight hours, when many are away from home, at work or shopping.

We Regret To Announce The Passing Of Retired Constable David Stephenson

Retired Constable David Stephenson Passed Away In January 2016

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of a 22-Year veteran of the Midland Police Service. David Francis STEPHENSON, badge #21 retired in February 2011. David’s policing career began January 1981 in Orillia as a Constable with the Orillia Police Service.

Inspector Ron Wheeldon To Be Awarded Medal of Bravery

Inspector Ron Wheeldon

Midland Police Inspector Ron Wheeldon and Orillia OPP Sergeant Brent Young, will receive Medals of Bravery when Governor-General David Johnston presents Order of Canada honours next month. While vacationing in Mexico in 2013, Wheeldon and Young went to the aid of a woman being attacked in a hotel room. Wheeldon recounted the story for Kool Fm News Director Dan Blakeley…

Canada Revenue Agency Tax Scams On The Rise

Scam Alert

Midland Police are joining dozens of other police services across Canada in warning citizens about the rise in both online and telephone scams that claim to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and that the victim owes back taxes and that they risk imminent arrest during the holiday season if they don't settle some or all of the fake debt with the scammers immediately.

Midland Raises The Bar For After-Hours Access For Residents


As part of the out-sourcing of police dispatch that sees no human presence in the reception area in off-hours, police agencies typically follow a model where a phone is installed on the outside wall of their office that is used to call dispatch for police assistance or response.

Business Emergency Contact Form Launched

Keyholder Update Form - Help Us Help You

In an attempt to update our emergency contact and keyholder database for local businesses, our officers are walking the downtown core to visit local shops. If you are business owner anywhere in the Town of Midland, please complete this new web form to update our emergency contacts for your business in off hours. The information is not publicly accessible and is collected for our internal use.

Midland Police Featured In "Evidence Technology" Magazine


Midland Police Service has been featured in "Evidence Technology" magazine for our work on piloting new technology for evidence collection and field reporting. Anyone interested in policing technology and how your local service stays at the cutting edge may enjoy this article. We have attached the magazine's article as a PDF attachment below.