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Collecting Quality Video Evidence From Your Surveillance System


If you record video in your home or business there are some tips that will assist us in the event that your video might one day be used as evidence in a court proceeding.

These tips apply equally to large multi-camera installations as they do to a single camera installation.

A Parent's Guide To Internet Lingo


The attached publication from Spectorsoft offers an easy reference for parents who want to decode the cryptic cellphone, chat and email abbreviations that are popular online. Ever wondered why your kids might text someone PAW or POS? The last page is the top 100 short forms in use right now...

Now Accepting Visa/Mastercard/Debit

Now accepting Visa, Mastercard and Debit Payments

Effective today, those who need to pay for records checks, licence renewals and police records now have the option to pay with Visa, Mastercard or their debit cards as well as cash. We are committed to making it easier to pay for specialized services where cost recovery requires us to charge fees.

No Overnight Parking At Midland Court House

No Overnight Parking At The Midland Court House - 605 Yonge Street

Take notice that persons currently parking their vehicles overnight on the property of the Midland Court House – located at 609 Yonge Street Midland, that those vehicles are in contravention of the posted signs prohibiting overnight parking and that this is private property.

Midland Police Bid Altered After Meeting - Local News Coverage

Midland Free Press Reports On Penetang Police Bid - "Midland police bid altered after meeting: board chair"
By Douglas Glynn

A Midland bid to provide 2012 policing services to Penetanguishene was altered after a final meeting to discuss costs, according to the chair of Midland's Police Services Board.

Chief's Monthly Report To The Board

The Police Services Board meets monthly and include briefings by the Chief of Police about enforcement, statistics, major incidents, community service initiatives and comparisons to past years.

You can download these reports in a PDF format below:

E-Bikes and the Law

The Ministry of Transportation for Ontario has published a comprehensive article on this and is available at the following URL:

Family Internet Safety

Is the internet a safe place for your kids to play unsupervised?

Absolutely not.

The internet is a wonderful evolving resource but is completely beyond local control, has no auditing for accuracy and without the addition of user-applied software or hardware, completely without any form of content filtering.

Local Student Wins Safety Patroller Award

Safety Patrollers

The Midland Police will be taking two Safety Patrollers from Midland to the Annual CAA Safety Patrol Leadership Camp held in Oshawa. From July 15 to July 18 Safety Patrollers from the South Central Region will be taking part in team building exercises, as well as training for School Bus Patrollers and School Foot Patrollers. On Friday, July 18, there will be awards presented.

HTA Fines & Demerit Points

Common Highway Traffic Act Charges


Failing to remain at the scene of an accident7 points
Speeding-exceeding limit by 50 km/h or more
6 points
Speeding-exceeding limit by 30 km/h but no more
than 49 km/h
4 points

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