Cybercrime - Safety Online From Scams & Other Threats


The attached digital booklet has been produced by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and is an excellent resource to keep you and your loved ones safe from online threats.

You can download your own copy here

A Common Sense Approach To Internet Safety

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Some simple and common sense advice for parents regarding internet and online safety.

Drug Identification Images

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If you don't know what most of today's 'recreational' drugs look like, this video may help save a life...

Crystal Meth Information Special

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This is a 60 minute American TV broadcast which speaks directly to meth use, its effects and why many drug users are turning to this drug and become instantly addicted beyond reason.

Children See... Children Do...

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Crystal Methamphetamine


Crystal Meth is already in Midland. You need to know about this new drug. Ignoring it won't make it go away.

We have published a series of hard-hitting public service announcement ads produced by the Montana project in an attempt to keep our youth from experimenting with this instantly-addictive drug. These ads are graphic and direct.

Sexual Abuse Facts

Sexual abuse is the misuse of power by someone who manipulates, tricks, forces or coerces a child or otherwise vulnerable person into sexual contact. It includes incest, sexual molestation, sexual assault and the exploitation of the child for pornography or prostitution. In well over 90 percent of reported cases of sexual abouse, the offenders are men.

Drug Abuse Facts

Sooner or later, nearly all youngsters find themselves in situations in which they must decide whether or not to try drugs. These decisions are especially hard to make in the midst of conflicting information, peer pressure, curiosity and the many other influences that are part of adolescence.

Child Abuse Facts

Child abuse has become recognized as a major problem in Canada in recent years. Still, many incidents go unreported with the victim continuing to suffer in silence. You can help a child who may be a victim of child abuse by simply being observant. The following are some warning signs that might indicate a present or potential abuse situation:

Warning Signs in Children

Alcohol Abuse Facts

It can be difficult for children to understand all of the different aspects of alcohol use and abuse; why drinking is OK for some people and not for others; why you have to be a certain age to drink alcoholic beverages; and why they are told "not to do something" that the person telling them does themselves. This obvious contradiction could confuse anyone.