Propane Tank Warning


Public Safety Warning

Be on the look-out for propane gas cylinders that have a blue or greenish residue or corrosion appearance on and around the neck of the valve assembly. This discoloration could be a sign that the cylinder once contained a corrosive gas called Anhydrous Ammonia (used in the illegal and dangerous production of methamphetamine).

Crystal Meth Information Special

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This is a 60 minute American TV broadcast which speaks directly to meth use, its effects and why many drug users are turning to this drug and become instantly addicted beyond reason.

Crystal Methamphetamine


Crystal Meth is already in Midland. You need to know about this new drug. Ignoring it won't make it go away.

We have published a series of hard-hitting public service announcement ads produced by the Montana project in an attempt to keep our youth from experimenting with this instantly-addictive drug. These ads are graphic and direct.

Meth - Not Even Once

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Anti-Meth Campaign - Gimme Some

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Anti-Meth Campaign - That Guy

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Anti-Meth Campaign - Just Once

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