Crime Prevention

"WannaCry" Ransomware - Global Epedemic

WannaCry Ransomware

By now you will have read or at least heard about the global epidemic of ransomware attacks on computer systems. The attack is typically delivered as an attachment that you are urged or convinced to open and execute to see the contents… these can take the form of word or excel macros, or be made out to look like some kind of invoice or shipping notice or bank statement.

Don't Let These Be The "Sounds Of The Season" For You!

Please plan to arrive alive this festive season... holiday R.I.D.E programs are in full effect. Don't let these be the "sounds of the season" this year!

Holiday Reminder About Impaired Driving

Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy New Year from the Midland Police Service. Here is a little reminder about choosing NOT to drive while impaired this holiday season...

Fake Photo Radar Ticket E-Mails

Scams and Identity Theft

Local residents are receiving scam emails that claim to be an electronic fine notice and claiming that the recipient had been caught on a red light camera or photo radar and now must click a link to pay the fine.

A sample of one of the many emails received is below:

You have been registered with a speed infringement:
Reason: negligent driving
Case No: 683190563

Readers Digest Lottery Scam

Readers Digest Lottery Scam

There are thousands of scams in play on the internet, by phone, email and postal mail at any given moment. When we come across a new variation we publish it in the hopes that some people will think twice before believing that they have won large sums of money or merchandise.

E-Mail Attachments Can Be Dangerous - Ransomware

Ransomware Trojan

Among the many online scams, viruses, hoaxes and insidious threats like data-encrypting ransomware attacks, there is one method that seems to be very popular right now.

Scam Using Midland Police Name Address & Phone Number

Scam Alert

On Monday April 11th 2016, the Midland Police Service received a report that a Burlington man received a call from a company stating they were from Windows and wanted to gain access to his computer for the purpose of fixing it.

Fentanyl Abuse Leading To 577+ Deaths

Fentanyl Facts

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and the RCMP have partnered with new online education initiatives to help stop the rash of fatalities from the abuse of Fentanyl as a recreational drug. This alert comes in the wake of an even more potent variation called W-18 that is reported to be 100 times more potent than Fentanyl and 10,000 times more potent than morphine.

Trendsetting: Midland Police Twitter Initiative Catching On

Retweeting Crime Alerts

Over a month ago, Inspector Ron Wheeldon of the Midland Police Service began a #Twitter campaign in attempts to #unite the #public and #police in the fight against #crime. Many crime bulletins, alerts and photographs are put out daily by law enforcement agencies across #Canada and the #World.

Fraud Prevention Month

March Is Fraud Prevention Month

With the sheer number of telephone, internet, email and mail scams and frauds on the go at any moment, it is important to remind everyone that best defence against falling victim, or having those you care about falling victim is foreknowledge. Don't just "assume" that "oh, everybody knows that's a scam".