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Readers Digest Lottery Scam

Readers Digest Lottery Scam

There are thousands of scams in play on the internet, by phone, email and postal mail at any given moment. When we come across a new variation we publish it in the hopes that some people will think twice before believing that they have won large sums of money or merchandise.

Scam Using Midland Police Name Address & Phone Number

Scam Alert

On Monday April 11th 2016, the Midland Police Service received a report that a Burlington man received a call from a company stating they were from Windows and wanted to gain access to his computer for the purpose of fixing it.

Lottery Fraud Scam

Phone and mail scams typically target senior citizens

Midland residents beware of persons calling stating that they have won a lottery. The callers target vulnerable victims, telling them they have won a large sum of money. The caller will tell the victim that they need to wire money to them in order to claim the prize. The location of the wires can be out of country or in country.

Propane Tank Warning


Public Safety Warning

Be on the look-out for propane gas cylinders that have a blue or greenish residue or corrosion appearance on and around the neck of the valve assembly. This discoloration could be a sign that the cylinder once contained a corrosive gas called Anhydrous Ammonia (used in the illegal and dangerous production of methamphetamine).