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An Open Letter To The Community


Dear Community Members,

After 125 years, our proud organization will be closing its doors and a new chapter is beginning for Midland with the Ontario Provincial Police.

The dedicated women and men of the Midland Police Service will continue policing with distinction until the last day, just as they have since this process started.

An Open Letter To Council & The Community


Dear Members of Midland Town Council, Midland Police Service, Midland Police Services Board, Town of Midland Staff, and the Citizens of Midland:

Mythbusting - Facts About Your Local Police Service


Dear Midland and Community Members:

Does Midland Have To Pay For O.P.P. Special Units & Support

OPP Funding Snapshot

A very common question among the many submissions to my Ask The Chief blog is whether the Midland Police Service has access to Ontario Provincial Police specialty units such as the helicopter, dive units, K9, tactical teams etc, and if there is a cost for this service.

Policing Costs Per Household - Facts Some May Not Have Considered

2015 Cost Per Household Policing - Not Accurate For Simple Comparison

As a follow-up to my previous blog post I wanted to provide some additional facts for consideration, and provide a more in-depth look at the "cost per household" chart that is circulating in our community (see attached)

What Are The Anticipated Costs of Disbanding Midland Police

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Question From R.E I am trying to keep abreast of this whole policing debate and while I wholeheartedly appreciate having our own dedicated police force whose role is to serve us exclusively, I too am interested in the cost comparisons between keeping our police or contracting that role out to the OPP as many other small communities have done.

Bear Sightings


The Ministry of Natural Resources emphasizes that since we live in bear country we can expect to see bears. They point out that in most circumstances no action is required and they provide a couple of sources for information on how we can best prevent or deal with a bear encounter.

September 2016 Community Report

Chief's Blog

I am happy to report that Midland Police Staff are operating effectively and efficiently.

Crime Rates In Midland

Crime Severity Index

Question from John:

Each year the magazine MoneySense ranks the Best Places to Live in Canada. In the past few years, Midland has ranked 167th (2013), 194th (2014), 173rd (2015) and 167th this year.

Here is the link to the MoneySense article:

Cancellation of Proposed Midland Ribfest

I have read with disappointment, a press release prepared by Glen Moffatt of Slam Promotions in which he says there were “a lot of obstacles to overcome” and then specifically mentions the Midland Police stating we were asking way too much for a first year event. It is unfortunate that Mr.