Affordably & Passionately Serving Midland For A Century

Chief Michael Osborne

Since the late 1800's dedicated professionals have provided policing to our beautiful, waterfront community in an attempt to make Midland the best place to live, work and play. Our team puts “Community First”, interacting with residents and visitors in a friendly and respectful manner. They continue to impress me everyday with their knowledge, ability and compassion.

Midland Police Services Board Meeting

12/17/2014 - 16:00
12/17/2014 - 18:00
Board Meeting

Council chambers... agenda to follow.

Midland Police Service Implements new LEARN Guidelines For Police Records Checks

Criminal Record Check

Effective immediately, the Midland Police Service are implementing the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) LEARN (Law Enforcement and Record Managers Network), guidelines for Police Record Checks. The LEARN guidelines will ensure an equal level of service under the provinces released legislation, policies, procedures and directives.

The guidelines adopted will:

TracePen Property Identification Device


A new crime prevention product on the market has been officially endorsed by the OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) as a valuable crime-fighting tool that can take the place of engraving identifying information on household and commercial property.

LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting Is Operational

LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting Services

Beginning this fall, RCMP will no longer be accepting paper-based fingerprints for crime scene comparisons and criminal records updates. This means that Police Services across the country must migrate off the old process of inking and rolling fingers and palms onto paper for submission to the RCMP.

Beware Of 'Assassin' E-Mail Scam


Police are warning people not to be tricked into handing over cash to fraudsters following the circulation of a scam email.

The email circulating online claims to be from a sympathetic assassin who thinks that the recipient of the email has wrongly had a contract taken out against them.

Crime Scene Evidence Collection? Yep, there's an APP for that!

Midland Police Service is piloting SceneDoc

Midland Police Service is currently piloting a new way to collect evidence from scenes of crimes in Midland.

Beware Online Lottery Scams


A local resident reports that the "Facebook Lottery Scam" is making the rounds again. You will get an online chat from some contact that you added at some point (in this case it was a friend whose account was hacked) who alerts you to the fact they just won some large amount of money in the Facebook lottery. You are surprised to learn there is a lottery.

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