Affordably & Passionately Serving Midland For A Century

Chief Michael Osborne

Since the late 1800's dedicated professionals have provided policing to our beautiful, waterfront community in an attempt to make Midland the best place to live, work and play. Our team puts “Community First”, interacting with residents and visitors in a friendly and respectful manner. They continue to impress me everyday with their knowledge, ability and compassion.

OCPC Section 40 Hearing (Outsourcing Dispatch) - August 20th 7PM

Public Meeting

The OCPC (Ontario Civilian Policing Commission) had set a date for the Section 40 Hearing (a hearing to consider the downsizing request which would see police dispatch outsourced to Owen Sound) for Thursday August 20th 2015 at 7PM in Council Chambers. The public has the right to speak at this hearing.

Can You Help Identify This Shoplifting Ring?

Shoplifting Ring

Please review the collage of photos that show several suspects in what we are alleging is an organized theft ring. The group attends electronics stores and removes high value electronics, concealing them in their "shoplifting vests".

E-Mail Virus/Trojan Activity High This Month


We are warning you about an increasing number of e-mail virus/trojans being delivered to unsuspecting inboxes this month. The common theme is some kind of warning about a financial dispute, unpaid invoice, request for refund etc and includes a MS Word Document or MS Excel file that has dangerous embedded macros.

Distracted Driving - 24/7 Enforcement

Distracted Driving

We are enforcing these laws against distractions 24/7. Would you drive around staring at your floor mats? Then why would you take your eyes of the road ahead to read or reply to that text notification? Turn off your ringer and alerts. Put the phone away or use your bluetooth connection to use it hands-free.

Telephone Scam

On Tuesday July 14th 2015, the Midland Police Service received two calls from two separate
businesses reporting a telephone scam.

The businesses received a call from an “800” number posing as a power utility company or a
gas company representative. The caller does not provide a name, and informs the recipient of
the call that they have not paid their hydro or gas bill.

Midland Police Services Board Meeting

08/20/2015 - 01:00
Board Meeting

Midland Police Services Board Meeting set for 1PM

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