Affordably & Passionately Serving Midland For A Century

Chief Michael Osborne

Since the late 1800's dedicated professionals have provided policing to our beautiful, waterfront community in an attempt to make Midland the best place to live, work and play. Our team puts “Community First”, interacting with residents and visitors in a friendly and respectful manner. They continue to impress me everyday with their knowledge, ability and compassion.

Can You ID This Female & Store Displays

Can You ID This Female & Store Displays

Looking to ID this female, who is wearing glasses and a duck or loon logo on her sweater. There is a male with her. The pick-up truck gets loaded with two glass-topped display cases (like you would find in a retail shop) with drawers in the back. If you know someone who recently 'upgraded' to these display cases and looks like this person, please contact us and reference MI14001621.

Microsoft Calling... You Have A Virus! Redux


The scam has been around for many years, but we are getting reports today of people falling prey. They seem to be targeting Midland again. It unfolds like this... A scammer, often with a thick accent calls you out of the blue and alerts you to a virus on your computer.

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet For Non-Techie Parents

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet

We found this great resource for parents online that can help you understand how to use the parental controls on many popular web sites and devices. While this does not replace real oversight and monitoring of your kids’ online experiences, it can help limit some of the accidental exposure to material that most parents would find inappropriate.

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