Affordably & Passionately Serving Midland For A Century

Chief Michael Osborne

Since the late 1800's dedicated professionals have provided policing to our beautiful, waterfront community in an attempt to make Midland the best place to live, work and play. Our team puts “Community First”, interacting with residents and visitors in a friendly and respectful manner. They continue to impress me everyday with their knowledge, ability and compassion.

Outsourcing Of Police Dispatch


The Midland Police Services Board, in consultation with Midland Town Council, has decided to pursue the outsourcing of dispatch services for financial reasons. Meetings have already taken place with the Midland Police Association and the Members that are impacted by this decision.

Records Service Hours (Updated)

Now accepting Visa, Mastercard and Debit Payments

Effective MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD, 2015 our records service hours are:
Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (excluding statutory holidays)

  • Police Criminal Record Checks
  • Police Information Checks
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Checks
  • Taxi Driver Licences
  • Civil Fingerprints

Social Media Travel Updates Can Get You Burglarized

Please Robe Me - Vacation Status Updates Can Cost You

With travel season well underway and the peak season about to begin, it is important to remember that you don't have any control over who shares your status updates. We strongly encourage you not to post anything about your travel plans (dates, locations etc) until you come back from vacation.

Snowmobiling In Midland - What You Need To Know

Snowmobile Safety In Midland

With the arrival of snow in our region, recreational snowmobile enthusiasts will start to travel around the town onto the network of OFSC trails.

Winter Parking Restrictions Nov 15th - April 1st

Tag & Tow In Effect For Overnight Parking On Streets and Municipal Lots

We are reminding you that the winter parking bylaw takes effect November 15th. No parking on any street or municipal lot between 12:01am and 7:00am from November 15th until April 1st.

Midland Police Service Implements new LEARN Guidelines For Police Records Checks

Criminal Record Check

Effective immediately, the Midland Police Service are implementing the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) LEARN (Law Enforcement and Record Managers Network), guidelines for Police Record Checks. The LEARN guidelines will ensure an equal level of service under the provinces released legislation, policies, procedures and directives.

The guidelines adopted will:

TracePen Property Identification Device


A new crime prevention product on the market has been officially endorsed by the OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) as a valuable crime-fighting tool that can take the place of engraving identifying information on household and commercial property.

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